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What is Spent Grain?

Spent grain is a waste product of the beer industry. During the process of making beer, a mix of malted grains are boiled to infuse the liquid that goes into beer. Once the water has moved on to the next stage of brewing, these used "spent" grains are separated and can end up in waste. We think there's a way to help the industry reduce waste and create a range of delicious dog treats in the process.


Malt is germinated cereal grain (commonly barley, corn, rye & wheat) that has been kiln dried. This malt gets sent to breweries to use in making delicious beers that we love.


The brewery uses the malt mix with hot water to create water infused with fermentable sugars to convert into alcohol. Afterwards, the grains are separated from the mash and sometimes end up as waste product.


We see the potential in these grains, and don't want to see them go to waste when they can be used to make delicious treats for our four-legged friends. We collect the spent grain and create Snuggo dog treats.

All Malt. No Hops, No Alcohol

We make sure that there is no hop or alcohol content in our dog treats by working with the breweries. It is extremely rare that hops are added during the mash, and alcohol comes later in the process - but we always check with the brewer to be sure.